An example of progressive Cowardice: This is why you vote these idiots out!

Joint House/Senate Homeland Security Committee Hearing on Radical Islam’s Terror Threat to U.S. Military Communities


Wednesday Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) and Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) opened a hearing to examine the emerging threat to the military from homegrown terrorists within the U.S. and named the armed services as the “most sought-after” target for radical Islamist extremist groups.
Rep. Dan Lungren (R.-Calif.) asked Paul Stockton, assistant defense secretary for homeland defense, whether “we are at war with violent Islamist extremism.”
Listen to this COWARD try to side step the obvious question of “Are we at war with RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM” Why in the world can he not answer YES? I’ll tell you why, this administration is friendly with them in a way that makes me and should make you sick! This reason alone is reason enough to get these mad-men out of their respective offices.

To accompany the hearing, Chairman King released a Congressional Majority Investigative Report, also entitled,

“Homegrown Terrorism:
The Threat to Military Communities inside the United States.”
 The report offers numerous details on the dangers faced by our military and their families on U.S. soil, noting,

“The Department of Defense considers the U.S. Homeland the most dangerous place for a G.I. outside of foreign warzones – and the top threat they face here is from violent Islamist extremists.

 While our troops at overseas bases train their weapons outward to prevent armed enemies from getting “inside the wire,” one way militant Islamists are penetrating our defenses is through enlistment in the U.S. Armed Forces.
A significant and growing number of military personnel, such as alleged Fort Hood mass murderer Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, pose a serious danger to their brothers and sisters in arms who wear the same uniform.”

 It would seem to me that in Washington DC, cowardice is the operative word. It would be high time this time around that we as Americans would finally see that these kind of people do not deserve our vote, THEY ARE TRADERS TO THE AMERICAN DREAM.
Don’t get me wrong there are a FEW in Washington that care to change the problems, but how can they, when WE the American people keep voting in losers who stay with the ‘status-quot’ and make their job harder?
Do we vote in these people out of a duty of fairness, so both sides get a chance? That in view of the facts is a very dumb proposition indeed.
Giving BOTH parties a chance at the change we want is a total waste of time since BOTH parties have the same end result, HOW CAN EITHER SIDE BRING CHANGE that the American people want if our viewpoints are are vastly different from each other?
The progressive change that Obama brought was NOTHING like the change he promoted during his election run at least not like what we thought it was!
The people we know care can’t do their jobs if we don’t care on our end, and our end of this is even more important than we have given it credit.

Our vote has been demeaned and downcast by the Left and the Right for so long EXCEPT WHEN THAT VOTE COUNTS FOR THEM! They cheat, steal and misinform our Vote until we don’t know the people we are voting for or at least what they really stand for.
It is this very ‘toxic asset’ called the Vote that progressives wish to control, they have controlled the minority vote for decades, not because minorities are stupid, far from it, they have simply controlled HOW WE SEE, FEEL, AND PERCEIVE THE FACTS! 

That is what must stop, and remember BOTH parties have been doing the same thing. We need to change this NOT by complaining about THINGS we don’t have, but by changing the paradigm completely by which we view ALL POLITICIANS BY! Vote out EVERY progressive no matter what in 2012 and beyond and then we can get back our country.

Progressives are a political Cancer designed to dismantle and destroy the constitutional ground work of America – NOT OVERNIGHT BUT OVER TIME and they’ve been doing it since 1910. So you do the math and look at where we’re at now, if you cannot see that voting in more of the same kind of dangerous people is playing ‘Russian Roulet’ then welcome to communist America!


 Voting based upon stupid decisions like: I LIKE THE NAME, THE FAMILY, THE NATIONALITY OF THE CANDIDATES!

I always vote for a women, a man!

I ALWAYS vote for candidates because its what my family has always had a duty to do – Vote party line!

This is absurd, who cares about those things? If progressives have infiltrated ALL OF THAT, and exist in every level of American society then voting along these impersonal lines makes no sense whatsoever. It is because of our lack of understanding the progressive agendas in the first place. We allow them to steal our votes, because we are to lazy to dig out their motives!

What matters to AMERICA is not the outward appearance of the candidates, not their family life, not their nationalities but their voting records over the time they have served, what they have stood for and behind and nothing else. 

All that other stuff is a slight of hand and nothing to base your vote on!

What we should be focusing on is CONTENT instead of empty talk. Substance beyond the debates, that’s where the rubber meats the road not how well they attack each other. Neither Romney nor Gingrich have told the truth about their voting records which is public record for all to see, and they depend on the fact MOST Americans will not check on it.

Romney Vs. Perry on the Issues!

Romney Voting Record:

 Gingrich Voting Record:

 Michele Bachmann

Jon Huntsman

Ron Paul

Rick Santorum



Obama’s Record-

Joe Biden

We as Americans must redefine why we vote if our vote is to count for anything at all. Progressives ARE THE PROBLEM, how they define freedom is unconstitutional and against basic American values. Their intent is to manipulate the system that our founders established, to redefine words we take for granted like FREEDOM, RIGHTS AND GOVERNMENT. 

While a third party WILL NOT SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS it is important to know that the Tea Party SHOULD begin to do as our enemy has done, INFILTRATE our government from the bottom up in every segment AND FILL IT WITH CONSTITUTIONAL LOVING PEOPLE.

In the above debate about Terrorism and Islam, we see this constant bogus statement thrown out to us that Islam is a peaceful religion and some have HIJACKED their faith to excuse hateful terrorist aims, but the facts, ALL THE FACTS on the ground say plainly that Islam is a murderous, hate filled Ideology and not a true religion. It contains elements of religious thought but is only an Ideology of hate in the end!

The Koran cannot be read without plainly seeing the hate contained within it unlike when the Bible states the facts as they were not as God intended them to be, sure there are verses which can be taken on their own as hate but when nested within their plain context are plainly not hate at all. The Koran on the other hand is nested on its intent as whole chapters filled with hate, racism and murder.
Do your homework America, there’s no escaping the facts:

The State Department website makes it sound so innocent.

“The United States has invited foreign government officials with responsibilities comparable to those at the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security to discuss best practices for two of the recommended actions from resolution 16/18:

engagement with members of minority religious communities and enforcement of laws that prohibit acts of discrimination on the basis of religion or belief.”

Let me translate.

The US has asked the secret police from the most repressive Islamic countries in the world for advice on how to quash anti-Islamic speech here.

What are the agenda items going to include? Flat vs. Sharp – The best kinds of rocks to use when stoning Christians?


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I am a FULL GOSPEL MINISTER an Ex-Black Witch and Substance abuser brought to Faith in Jesus Christ in 1979. I believe that the Bible teaches that ALL BELIEVERS SHOULD PROSPER JUST AS THEIR SOULS PROSPER IN THE WORD OF GOD! Jos 1:8-9 "This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success. Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest." 3Jn 1:2 "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth." These are my personal post writings in which I give you what's on my heart. I do not apologize for what I think in any way, I am an Historicist in my prophetic interpretations of prophetic events in history and Pro-Life as far as my views on this I am proud and strong!

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