Paul – Apostle or Fraud (Part 13)

This post is very important to the life and growth of the church. I have been dealing with friends on that have been deceived by groups of Jewish Christians who LITERALY HATE the Apostle Paul and all he wrote, so it’s very important for every believer to immerse themselves in the New Testament to protect themselves from the deception of those who are uninformed or misinformed!

Faith & Self Defense

Saint PaulThe question is not frivolous or trivial: was Paul an Apostle of Jesus Christ or a fraud? We’ve seen from the history of the early Church in Luke’s second letter to Theophilus (known to us as the Book of Acts) that Jesus Christ personally called Paul to be an apostle (Acts 9) and that the Holy Spirit called Paul to open the door of faith to the Gentiles (Acts 13).

About half of the Book of Acts references Paul’s ministry to Jews and Gentiles, and Paul wrote almost half of the New Testament. However, even with that overwhelming evidence, many people still refuse to believe that Paul was an apostle and go as far as to call him a fraud. In calling Paul a fraud they also call his writings fraudulent, which is a major issue for Christians. Most of the Paul-challengers I’ve heard from also believe 2 Peter is fraudulent, partially because the letter…

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