Powerful Article on Homosexuality that must be understood in these Last days before Judgment. Remember this is not based on Mortal understanding of why it wrong its God’s opinion and that matters far more than OURS, Repent of you sin’s or your Sin’s will overcome you on Judgment day!

Biblical Proof

Gay marriages have gained an acceptance not only in the United States but in the world at large. Yet, the bible makes it quite clear that God detests the abomination of homosexuality. Who would have thought thirty-five years ago when A.I.D.S. was widely made known and its link to homosexuality that the world would be experiencing gay marriages today? It’s not that gays started A.I.D.S but they certainly were susceptible to it. Perhaps society has been softened up with the misinformation of “They were born that way”. Perhaps it is because so many families have someone who is gay. Perhaps it is because society has forgotten God and has relegated His Word to nothing more than a book written by mortal man. No matter the reason, society has rejected God’s Word when it comes to homosexuality.

The scriptures give Christians no choice on who to follow. “We ought to obey…

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