THUGS! LIARS! and Liberals, who would have thought that a political party in America would resort to Communist thuggery in modern America? Well its happening every day, every time we the people speak our mind the opposition is waiting to CHEAT, STEAL AND BLOCK our winning, its time to stop the opposition once and for all!

Dan from Squirrel Hill's Blog

This video shows a masked Antifa thug using a metal bike lock to smash the head of an innocent Trump supporter at Berkeley, California, in April 2017:

Some awesomely talented amateur sleuth observers at 4chan later identified the thug based on his partially visible face, his clothing, and several other things.

Any one of these things by itself is pretty meaningless. But taken together, it is extremely likely that they identified the correct person.

For specific details, see here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

The police also did their own investigation, and when they searched the person’s house, they found clothing and other items that matched that of the person in the video. Phone records also show that the person was present during the assault.

And it turns out that the thug is left wing Diablo Valley College “

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