Stop Playing The Progressive Game: Thier Leading You Like Sheep!

What’s your Flight zone?
One of the most basic concepts in handling sheep and other livestock is the flight zone. All animals have a flight zone. A flight zone is an animal’s personal space.
You have a flight zone as a voter, a personal space where you vote from. How you vote is determined by many different things all within your space.You will protect your personal space at any cost and you should.It must be remembered that your personal beliefs can be invaded and it can be made to look like it was your decision.
People are ‘sheep-like’ to progressives and they will use the same ways we heard animals to heard your vote!

What to Do When PROGRESSIVES Invade Your Personal VOTER Space

Boundaries are important when we vote. Setting those boundaries helps us create and sustain healthy voting habits. We must be able to develop Trust and respect for those we vote for and that is built upon developing healthy boundaries emotionally with the candidates.  Progressives love to get us agitated by invading our personal voter spaces with lies mixed with truth, emotional and outright personal attacks against BOTH US and our candidates. This is very effective with the voter block that’s ‘fickle’ and movable from candidate to candidate, as you see today, very few stick with someone when the going gets tough!
Even after knowing its a lie, many voters will overlook the basics about having their personal voter space attacked, and this can lead to BAD DECISIONS concerning the country as a whole. In politics, you’re sure to encounter many situations where political crones ignore the rules and insist on invading your space. Progressives only want one thing, TO WIN and no matter how they can do it they will.These people are ruthless and unfeeling when it comes to your vote, if its not FOR THEM its wasted!

If we do not stop the ‘Progressive lie’ in shared space [The Debate Stage] and they invade your personal space [ The voting Booth] it might be to late ! You as the voter must either defend your ideas with the TRUTH [Which means doing your homework!] against the lie or YOU will allow the country to become victimized by being herded toward their candidate of choice. This is the progressive plan, if the candidate is a danger to their man, then the lies begin to overwhelm the voters.
Progressives like to work on the outside of a voters ‘flight zone’ making the decision to seem like its yours not theirs directly. They create big areas of suspicion and stories that are hard to disprove [But not impossible!] If your ‘flight zone’ is pushed too hard, your behavior can result in unpredictable and dangerous pushes to their agenda. This is what we need to do right now so that their agendas fail.
The Voter’s Point of balance

Point of balance is another important livestock handling concept which can help us to see when they are in our space. When progressives use personal attacks against the Republican or Independent candidates they will stand BACK and toss out lies until one sticks. Remember its not important if the fact is true within a context, it only matters if it sticks long enough to cause damage to their campaign and to their voters viewpoint!

ALL CANDIDATES that are front runners ‘Who are NOT progressives to start with, are personally attacked with lies and people coming out of the woodwork to degrade their appearance to the public! You’ll notice that all the EVIDENCE OF THE HARASSMENT IS NON EXISTENT! WHERE IS THE SUBSTANCE OF THE ACCUSATIONS?
To the progressive party it matters not if their accusations have a base of fact,what MATTERS IS THAT IT DOES WHAT ITS SUPPOSED TO DO….DESTROY THEIR ENEMIES!
“The point of balance is at the animal’s shoulder. All species of livestock will move forward if the handler steps behind the point of balance.” 
Voters will back up if the progressives are standing in front of their point of balance, if they can plainly see the liars lying, the effect is opposite. This is not a place they wish to be and will avoid it at any cost.
Many politicians have made the mistake of standing in front of ‘the point of balance’ of the voter while trying to get voters to move forward to their decision to vote. As with sheep, voters will usually refuse to move one way or the other if they see Democrats or Republicans overstating the case ahead of the vote. Progressives within BOTH parties always attack from behind the Voter hoping they will not turn around to see the liar casting the lie forward! 

Its all about movement down the chute towards the end result, voting in ANOTHER LOSER TO TAKE THE COUNTRY OVER THE CLIFF! Don’t stop to see the real truth, don’t look behind the facts presented AS truth, don’t investigate the facts.

Moving sheep to the slaughter
 Most voters are like sheep and will come when they think they are going to get ‘grain to eat’. Welfare is a strong leading to vote for those who provide it! Its just common sence, It is obvious to anyone that the Progressive party which BEGAN the Welfare state in the first place is using it as a ‘Feed Bucket’ to lead voters who are addicted to welfare!
 It will always be necessary for the progressive party to go out to the ‘field’ to get the voters and either drive them from behind or lead them with lies or with a ‘feed bucket’. Why? Because even their people can be lead away from the cause, this should be encouraging to those who have been victims in the past to know that they don’t always win the day!
Even the progressive ‘Pet sheep’ are difficult to drive and make good lead sheep. If these sheep aren’t familiar with where you want to move them

 [Remember this has never happened before the way its going, the progressives haven’t had this kind of success before its new territory even for them. The economy hasn’t been this bad even during the depression of the 1920’s and 30’s, ITS MORE THAN CRASH TERRITORY HERE ITS WORLDWIDE FREEFALL.]

They needed several people to act as ‘herders’ for this, Obamas Czars are possible examples . As with real ‘sheep herding’ the progressives believe that they should ‘Always move THE VOTERS slowly, calmly, and quietly. Do not allow splinter groups to develop’ within their ranks to reveal thier plans early.

Splinter groups? That’s interesting, is it possible to develop splinter groups within the voter groups that progressives USE to get their way? I think so! You see, people even in a slave state can be shown the truth and reverse a decision and that’s what progressives fear most.

Lies, Double Standards, Error containing some truth, All Out Hypocrisy is always in play when progressives show up! The recent issues coming out about the Occupy movement in Virginia vs. The Tea Party movement. The tea party PAYED FOR THE RIGHT TO BE IN THE SAME PARK that the Occupy protesters GET FOR FREE and their now attempting to get an ‘Excise Tax fee’ from the Tea Party while not charging the Occupy protesters any tax for the SAME thing.



What we do has never been more important in history than now, it is our fault as uninformed voters that this has even been allowed to occur in the first place, we cannot blame anyone but ourselves if freedom is lost forever.

We have willingly become the progressives sheep being herded again and again toward a progressive candidate [Romney, Gingrich] and away from the peoples choices. [Cain, Bauchman, and Ron Paul]

They [the powers that be] cannot allow a candidate to gain in the polls or in popularity with the people if they are not slated to win according to the powers that be in control and are progressive in belief structure.

We have to think like the enemy to be able to defeat them, otherwise they will take our freedom right from under our noses with no remorse whatsoever. Progressives do not care at all who they hurt in the process of destroying anyone, NOT YOU, NOT THE CANDIDATES, NOT THE COUNTRY!

Let’s begin to act like we have brains because if we don’t wake up soon we are going to lose our freedoms in a big way either under A REPUBLICAN PROGRESSIVE LIKE GINGRICH, OR ANOTHER 4 YEARS OF OBAMA.


We must fight for more than our pocket books, our processions and our social status because that’s all SHEEP CARE ABOUT. We must stop believing THE LIES FROM THE LEFT AND THE RIGHT, and concentrate instead on what’s good for our Republic.

Shatter the paradigms :What we MUST DO to overcome!

Although I DO NOT SUPPORT Ron Paul I 100% agree with this video below, you are  fool if you waste even 1 vote for this hypocrite.

1. Shatter the Left/Right paradigm by dismissing any remaining doubt that there is a difference between Democrats/Republicans, they are BOTH progressive pawns. 
They have successfully run a scam on the American people by playing the old good cop/bad cop routine for years. 
One side will run as far towards tyranny as the people will allow, only to “Hand the Baton Off” to the other on the far side of the elections.



2. Shatter the paradigm that the Constitution never was relevant AND that the “president” can unilaterally declare a US citizen a terrorist, order his assassination, without judicial review, legislative oversight, or administrative appeal. 
This is proof that the 5th & 14th Amendment right to life liberty, and property reads as void, and no constitution is worth anything, if one is not alive to enjoy its restraint of the state.

3. Shatter the paradigm that we have a functional court/justice  system in the US. Just look at the injustice done to children who are abused, pedophiles get off every time they RUIN a child’s life! While pot possession gets prison!

4. Shatter the Paradigm that America MUST BE INVOLVED WITH THE CRIMINAL U.N. to survive in the world!

The United Nations: Accessory to Slavery and other Crimes Against Humanity



5. Shatter the paradigm that the “Republic” is unable to be saved. We started out as a Republic and have lost it listening to the two party system we instituted. Those who believe it cannot be saved have given in to the NWO and sold their vision for cheap!

6. Shatter the Paradigm that the Constitution is a CHANGING, EVER GROWING DOCUMENT. The Constitution is a solid set of rules that can adapt to ANY modern problem through amendments that agree with the body of the document.  
The Constitution was ordained and established by the people of the United States for themselves, for their own government, and not for the government of the individual States…The people of the United States framed such a government for the United States as they supposed best adapted to their situation and best calculated to promote their interests. 

-John Barron v The Mayor and City of Baltimore 32 U.S. 243 (1833)

7. Shatter the paradigm that if we can just get rid of the bad guys, even if we have to use violence (O.W.S), everything is going to be good.We win NOTHING by becoming our enemy, we are better than that!
It is an incontestable fact that one becomes what they resist to the degree that they hate the object of their scorn. Love piles on the head of those you oppose an incredible anger causing them to make big mistakes. PRAY for everyone with authority, cast them before God to judged daily and God will return to us our country…..its NOT to late!

Progressive Dirty Tricks: BOTH PARTIES are infiltrated by progressives!

Try this, put “Progressive party dirty tricks” in any search engine and see what happens. For the most part every search result will be the exact opposite of what you put in, this probably doesn’t matter to the left because that’s the way the balance is staked against the TRUTH of conservatism.


My question then is “Why? Why is it even allowed to take place IF THEIR POSITIONS ARE THE RIGHT ONES? Why not level the playing field and allow equal search results for their dirty tricks? We all know they play dirty in politics on both sides but the Progressives have forced the search engines to not display results fairly. They practically own the News airwaves and at least in part control Fox News in small ways. This pisses me off to no end, why can’t Americans believe something different than Progressives without all the attacks?
Progressives are well known for playing dirty, lying and cheating the rules to win this is a PROVEN FACT, its in their Idol’s book….”Rules For Radicals” so why all the hiding behind search engine results? They can’t be afraid that America will find out the truth, they already know it. Just read my blogs and thousands of other blogs on the net daily that expose their lies and subterfuge!
It reveals something about these bullies, these lying “useful Idiots” that hate the American way of life while they greedily gather more and more wealth from us to fulfil their agenda of world domination for the socialistic ideal.

Here’s proof from CNN that Obama used dirty Chicago Political tricks to win!

Dirty tricks are unethical, duplicitous, slanderous or illegal tactics employed to destroy or diminish the effectiveness of political or business opponents.
The term “dirty trick” can also be used to refer to an underhanded technique to get ahead of an opponent such as sabotage or disregarding rules of engagement. Both parties have used these tricks for decades to destroy each other but the Progressive party has fine tuned them to bring down Governments some times under its own weight.

They use discrediting tactics which refer to personal attacks against a public figure intended to discourage people from believing in the figure or supporting their cause, this is the oldest trick in the book and should by now be obvious to us but it would seem we have become blind to it on purpose! We are wishy-washy and ungrounded on principles so we don’t want to take a stand and stay standing no matter what!

The insufficient supporting evidence to determine whether an accusation is true or false [He said, She said], is the kind they like most because like bad gossip it can’t be fought just denied! Think about it…can you remember every aspect of your life at the drop of a hat? I can’t, that is why this is so damaging.


This is “unsubstantiated” or “unfounded” lies or gossip that destroys a person because it requires you to defend yourself from memory usually many years back. It wastes valuable time while the “Lynch” media eats you alive, you cannot do what your supposed to do…serve the people!
Accusations that are determined to be false based on corroborating evidence can be divided into three categories:
They use allegations that are completely false in that the events that were alleged did not occur; this kind are used to delay ones action for short periods of time. By the time its disproved it may be to late to convince anyone.
And there’s the allegation that describes events that did occur, but were perpetrated by an individual who is not accused, and in which the accused person is innocent, guilt by association is a favorite. Attaching you to them makes you look guilty even if you didn’t know it at the time. Totally unfair and childish, it nonetheless is effective as a dirty trick!

Now here’s the allegation that Herman Cain was side swiped by the partially true and partially false claim, that mixed descriptions of events that actually happened  with other events that did not occur.
[He meets her BUT her story is completely different from his, he said she said is in play and the Media who’s on her side frames the story in her favor, and by the time the truth is known his poll numbers have fallen to the next victim in line for destruction] 
A false allegation occurs as the result of intentional lying on the part of the accuser; or unintentionally, due to a confabulation, either arising spontaneously due to mental illness  or resulting from deliberate or accidental suggestive questioning by the media or purposely faulty interviewing techniques by reporters. We’ve witnessed this first hand when Sara Palin was ambushed by the media many times during the last election AND WE FELL FOR IT HOOK, LINE AND SINKER.

Then there’s ‘psychological manipulation’ which is a type of social influence that aims to change the perception or behavior of others through underhanded, deceptive, or even abusive tactics.

By advancing the interests of the progressive party, often at the expense of we the people, such methods could be considered exploitative, abusive, devious, and deceptive, these tactics and more are used by the Left and the right to manipulate you the voter to vote as LEAD TO by the parties. Social influence in and of itself is generally perceived to be harmless when it respects the right of the influenced to accept or reject it, and is not unduly coercive.
Depending on the context and motivations of those involved, social influence may constitute underhanded manipulation when it destroys those who go against its influence.

What are the requirements for progressives to be successful and the manipulation to take place? Remember they have been telling us for decades that “America is a democracy”, even though its never been true. We are a Republic built upon Christian ideals NOT socialistic ones.

Progressives concealed their aggressive intentions and behaviors as a friend of the poor people. The poor are a tool and nothing more, they represent an opportunity and progressives never waste a chaotic moment.

They know/ find out all the psychological vulnerabilities of the people they wish to control and thus can properly determine what tactics are likely to be the most effective. It doesn’t take much effort if the people are sufficantly deluded into believing the lies told them. Hitler said that “if you tell a lie long enough it will be accepted as truth.”
They have a sufficient level of ruthlessness to have no qualms about causing harm to the victim if necessary. The ends justify the means!

Progressives love to use “victim blaming” which occurs when the victims of a crime, an accident, or any type of abusive maltreatment are held entirely or partially responsible for the transgressions committed against them. 

This is being done whenever we are made to listen to another apology tour from Obama or another member of this administration blame America for the evils in the world like terrorist attacks!

Blaming the victim has traditionally emerged especially in racist and sexist forms in this Administration, copyrighted by the left. The Right is not allowed to bring it up as an argument against them when they are “Racist against Black Conservatives” it becomes a racist act to say they are racist in any way!

People who are familiar with ‘victim-ology’ are much less likely to see the victim as responsible, that’s why we need to educate ourselves on just how they operate as a party.  

This is how a liberal Progressive thinks “They believe that the world has to be fair and find it hard or impossible to accept a situation in which a person is unfairly and badly hurt
This leads to a sense that, somehow, the victim must have surely done ‘something’ to deserve their fate.” That is why they can BOTH speak to help and abuse people at the same time and see no conflict!

The biggest problem in Washington today is their ‘Cronyism’ which is to say their ‘partiality to long-standing friends, especially by appointing them to positions of authority, regardless of their qualifications.’

Progressives have been slowly infiltrating BOTH parties for decades so we are left voting for the lesser of TWO EVILS at best and at worst what we now have in Washington! It is high time we the people start to RETHINK not only WHO we vote for but just WHY WE ARE VOTING FOR THEM!