Abortion: A Right to Kill by “Inconvenience” or is it outright Murder!

“Any patient who has had a previous history of abortion should be regarded as a high-risk patient.”

Medical researchers Margaret and Arthur Wynn, who support abortion-on-demand.

Go Here for an article at Web-M.D.

I come at this issue with a perspective that MOST on both sides do not have so it is with experience that I speak; not a political agenda or simply a religious dogma. Abortion CANNOT be contained within these “two limited viewpoints” because it is a Life vs. Death issue, not just a physical ending of biological existence but a spiritual and emotional trauma that cannot be debated away!

The effects of abortion, both physical and emotional, will be long lasting. Of those who have had abortions, 94% regret their decision for a variety of reasons. You cannot pretend a baby never existed; an abortion will not accomplish that. You will still have to accept that you were pregnant, you will still have to deal with your separation from the child you conceived and you will still experience loss on a scale higher than Adoption would ever give. Abortion may seem like a quick and logical solution given the lack of real facts given by its doctors of death, but the outcome for you will not be that easy. And as for the baby, he will have to go through the pain of losing his life just so you can try to avoid some pain in your own.

And at this time I would also like to state emphatically that “Murdering” a doctor that performs abortion is as illegal an act as the abortions THEMSELVES are, God hates murder AT BOTH ENDS OF THIS ISSUE….PERIOD! Don’t think that God has “Avenging Angels” that he sets lose to kill those who break his laws. Why, because “SIN” itself is its own executioner their is no need for us to do it for him, sin in a persons life will punish them at some point WITHOUT any intervention from man!

Numbers 32:23

“But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the LORD: and be sure your sin will find you out.”

“Abortion: the Supreme Court decisions, 1965-2000” By Ian Shapiro

Adoption nation: how the adoption revolution is transforming America By Adam Pertman

“The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Adoption” By Christine A. Adamec

“The post-traumatic stress disorder sourcebook: a guide to healing, recovery …” By Glenn R. Schiraldi

Pastoral Care for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Healing the Shattered Soul
By Daléne C. Fuller Rogers

Godless: The Church of Liberalism By Ann Coulter


Articles that prove Abortion has a historical motive of Murder

An abortion is the removal of an embryo (The baby is called an “embryo” pretty much from the time of implantation until the time when all bodily organs are present, which is about at 8 weeks. After that, the baby is called a “fetus”. ) from the women‘s uterus which results in the death of the HUMAN being we so aptly refer to as a fetus. There is also the “spontaneous expulsion” of an embryo before the 20th week of pregnancy which is commonly called a miscarriage which is the bodies natural reaction to a dead fetus within. But what I am talking about is “induced abortion” or the removal of an embryo by medical surgical means. Or for that matter any means at any point during pregnancy for therapeutic (Understand that no matter what choicer’s say: the Life of the Mother excuse, is LESS THAN 4% of the population total.) or elective reasons (Any excuse out of inconvenience will do, and this is the majority of abortions worldwide). To get a feel for just how much “inconvenience” there is lets look at one year:  Abortions worldwide in 2003 alone, reached a whopping 42 million human lives. Now think about that for just a minute…put aside your “Stolen RIGHTS of choice” arguments and think human thoughts for a moment. Can we continue to “murder human life” in the name of personal inconvenience 42 million at a time? It would seem to this minister that no matter how much “delusion” we swallow in regards to excuses, at some point we must be “human beings” who are “Self Aware” and no longer following the “status quo” feminist movement. I mean let’s face facts abortion makes “billions of dollars” worldwide for the “medical status quo” that want abortions to INCREASE and not decrease. Yes, there is a big agenda push behind abortion worldwide and the loss of  “womans lives” (The 4% solution) is not in the least bit a part of the reason that it increases exponentially.10295823

Throughout history, abortion has been around; being induced by various methods, including botanical herbs, sharpened tools, and abdominal pressure to cause the child harm. The fact that it has always existed in no way should be interpreted to mean it should be accepted, as that would be the same as saying since “Hatred” has always been around; its O.K. to hate.i-am-worthy-of-gods-love1

The moral and legal aspects of the abortion issue are subject to a lot of intense debate in many parts of the world but why? Is it not clear to anyone that a human life is being extinguished? What about the public health impact of unsafe or illegal abortion? What about legal abortion’s effect upon crime rates? This is the exact same reasoning the Nazis used to excuse mass killing and it then did nothing curb crime since it was itself a crime against humanity. What about sex-selective practices like are practiced in China? Do you want the government to determine what sex child you can have? Other debates may include the suggested effects of abortion on woman’s health including the ‘abortion breast cancer hypothesis“, and the post-abortion syndrome, and the REAL issue of fetal pain, these are viable issues of concern ignored by many in the name of winning the debate. No matter where you stand on these issues they deserve real science to look into them apart from “emotional ranting and raving” do they not?abortedbaby37

Where do our modern western  laws on abortion come from? We can trace them back to “English common law” which allowed abortion before the “quickening” or movement of the fetus was detected. We have come down a long “slippery slope” since then and Currently, abortion law does vary from country to country, because of the religious, moral, and or cultural standards within those countries.02

Abortion in the United States is an explosive issue involving a lot of political and ethical debate, some of which is purely . The real problem is that the people on the side of “Killing the unborn” only give rights to have life to those who THEY deem “The Heirs” of life, the biggest one being “The woman’s convenience” over the Child’s right to live. This is the evolutionary inheritance of our generation from the last, where Abraham Lincoln said it would come from “the Classroom of the previous generation made our laws what they are today…when we allowed evolution to tell us that “Survival of the fittest” is the way of natural life instead of God’s spiritual law that bring us toward real life in Christ.

The practice of aborting babies dates way back to ancient times when entire cultures “murdered“ their children in public fires to idols of stone, so yes….abortion has “Evolved” so to speak from the “Mob of idol worshipper’s“ into the Mob of people who say “I’ve got life to live, people to see, places to go and I can‘t have a baby getting in the way, OH! That‘s the same mob with new excuses…sorry! Babies were terminated through a number of methods both religious and medical, including the 2247994329_98ff64dbdcadministration of herbs that cause premature birth, the use of sharpened implements to cut out the child for religious sacrifice and later on for medical purposes to end life or to save the life of the mother (Far more often THEN, than now {10% or less of mothers giving birth are in jeopardy today} because of such good health care available in the here and now as compared to the early history of medical practices because of a lack of knowledge…that‘s just common sense!) Abortion has a stained history of bloody hands and inconsistent reasoning  that cannot be denied by those who avoid the truth any longer. abortedbaby101

Both the Laws and their enforcement have fluctuated throughout history proving there is no easy answer but one must be found soon. Many early laws and church doctrine focused on what they called the “quickening” when the initial motion of the baby can be felt by the pregnant woman, as a way to differentiate when the abortion became impermissible. In the 18th–19th centuries various doctors, clerics, and social reformers successfully pushed for an all-out ban on abortion. But in the 20th century various womans rights groups, doctors and social reformers successfully repealed abortion bans, as the FEW did an end around and fooled a few old men in judicial power to believe that all Americans wanted the right to kill “fellow Americans to be”. While abortion remains “legal” in many Western countries, it is regularly subjected to legal challenges on very good grounds, because it is scientifically and medically falling apart at the seems. The amount of FORMER abortionists who have come to repentance over the last 20 years is astounding in itself and is a telling picture of what abortion really is!pic_1198778717237

The term “women’s rights” refers to the “freedom’s” inherently possessed by women and girls of all ages, which may be institutionalized by certain men in high office, ignored or suppressed by certain laws created by men, religious customs, and behavior in a particular society. While this is certainly true in regards to much of this list and has happened and is still a problem in much of the world, we at the same time cannot just put abortion as a personal right without knowing what “personal rights“ are. These liberties are grouped together and differentiated from broader notions of human rights because they often differ from the freedoms inherently possessed by or recognized for men and boys. This should never have happened and was the result of men misunderstanding what the bible says and intended towards women in the first place.                            traffic-01Religion has caused MOST all of its own problems in the present day including the abortion issue because plain old ignorance of scripture. It is because of the “militant activism” of those who were created by religions ignorance surrounding this issue that we now find ourselves behind the eight ball with obvious facts on our side.reliogion

Some of the issues commonly associated with women’s rights include rights to: bodily integrity and autonomy, this is the one to which we find abortion ATTACHED but to which I say…”Yes, YOUR BODY but that ends when another body is at stake which YOU are to protect at any cost as a mother. Of course most of you have no right to call yourselves mothers and are appalled  at the very thought of children interrupting your busy sexual lives (or is that promiscuous lives?) The obvious thing missed by these women and the men is; why can’t you just NOT have “thoughtless sex” or at least take precautions not to have a child? This is the only way to really prevent abortion from being an option in the first place, its simple logic to avoid a bad end…the same logic you would use to keep you from walking in front of a moving car or truck. The rest of this list is simply yes and amen, I agree! voting or universal suffrage; holding public office; working the same jobs if you have the same training; getting the same fair wages as men for the same work and equal pay for that job; you should be able to own property as men can and for the same reasons; you should be able to enter into legal contracts; have the same education available to you as men do; serve in the military; and to have marital, parental and religious rights the same as men do.

action-card-5“Activists” have campaigned, and in some places in the world continue to campaign, for the same rights as modern men and as a man I say keep it up women, you deserve to have all these rights EXCEPT the right to have “no personal self control“ no one should be able to endanger the lives of their fellow men and women with their bad behavior. This is what “abortion” boils down too in the end “personal sexual self control” for BOTH men and women nothing else explains it like “personal choice” to have unprotected sexual behavior as often as wanted with whomever we choose no matter the result.curettesyringe Now I ask you to tell me that aborting a child because of a lack of self control is a good logical reason to promote abortion on demand? As a minister I do believe that “saving the life of the mother is a GREAT reason to remove the baby because in all these cases the child would die anyway and there would be no sense letting the mother die as well. This is not the reason that abortion grows in our society today, it’s just pure “selfishness based personal choice” nothing more. No high and mighty ideal of “womans rights” here at all….just pure selfishness (Which is the RIGHT to act stupidly without forethought nor interruption by morals and God) and they are trying to get “science and stats” to agree with their preconceived  plans and not follow the facts where they really lead them. Abortion is a simple case of “moral lifestyle vs. Amoral lifestyle” and the NON-desire to follow moral behavior at the cost of a life not your own. Remember to be a “Mom or Dad” is NEVER the same thing as being “Biological parent DNA.” forcepsbaby-praying The Child in your womb doesn’t understand why you hate them and feels that rejection to its very soul and carries it throughout their life, so do not even consider it an option…please, if you cannot support a child then give them up with love for Adoption to a loving family. THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO MURDERING AN INNOCENT LIFE OUT OF YOUR PERSONAL INCONVENIENCE……That is SICK at best!

3D Medical Animation of Normal Vaginal Birth (Childbirth)

Partial-Birth Abortion Illustrated Video The Crime of Crimes / Pro-Life Anti-Abortion Film

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