The Ministerofblogs Posts: I’m Questioning with Boldness are you?

It has always been curious to me just how pampered and lazy people can be concerning information of any kind.

I mean I get the most complaints from people that state “This post is to long, it should be shorter to make the most impact don’t you think?”

Well, I would agree if the information were about the weather or a sporting event where info must be quick and to the point BUT on my blog this is not the case; I’m about depth and details so that my points are well established as the points made in Scripture are, God pays NO attention to our lazy habits but rather EXPECTS US ALL to read ALL OF SCRIPTURE WITHOUT ANY EXCEPTIONS.. LIKE ITS TO LONG TO READ!

Look I understand we all have time constraints in our life and don’t always have time to read a long post but the point made here still stands- find the time or break up the time over time, but get the points made into your hearts where they do the most good.

Reading a blog has become less than what it was meant to be….to get the points across one must have good evidence to do so or we become guilty of skimming the surface of reason and missing the point altogether.

Its great if you can get it in a short sentence and I have done that here but to often we just become “Bumper Sticker slogans” of ourselves with no depth,

I don’t want that to happen to me so bear with me and eventually finish the posts…..and thank you for your time!

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